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Whether you are buying an engagement ring to surprise the love of your life, or the two of you are shopping together, we’ll help you sort out all the confusing details you need to understand before you choose this most meaningful gift.

Many guys like the idea of surprising their intended with a proposal and ring and many women think they like the idea of being surprised. But they probably like the IDEA of being surprised more than they like the actual surprise.

The surprise proposal is a very romantic notion, one that has been fueled by countless movies and television shows over the years.

The reality, however, is that a bride can expect to wear her engagement ring every day for the rest of her life.

The engagement ring buying guide can help you choose the right ring for your surprise proposal.

Unless you know each other extremely well, and you know her tastes in jewelry, it really does make more sense, from a practical standpoint, for her to help select her own engagement and wedding rings.

So this engagement ring buying guide is written for both of you. Hopefully, it’s something you will share and talk about. It’s important for both of you to be happy about the engagement ring you choose. This will be just the first of many important decisions you make together.

Create Loving, Lasting Memories

This is a time in your lives that you will cherish and enjoy remembering over the years. My husband and I still enjoy remembering our shopping trip to choose my engagement ring. It was a fun and exciting time.

Because we were prepared and started with an idea of what we wanted, we were able to find a ring that met our quality criteria and was within our budget, in one shopping trip. And because we knew where to shop for the best price, we didn’t have to spend the time to comparison shop. That’s a win-win-win!

He says he knew this was the diamond to buy because my whole face lit up when I saw it. And I love the ring today just as much as I did the day we bought it.

Give some serious thought to creating these memories. They will last a lifetime. So you’ll want them to be happy ones, or at least memories you can laugh about, not memories that make you wince whenever they’re recalled. You want her to be in love with the ring almost as much as she is with you.

You really don’t want her to return it and exchange it for something else, as one celebrity bride-to-be did recently. That would mar your memories of your engagement. And you’ll have to listen to her tell that story to her friends for years!

You also don’t want her to look at it wistfully over the years, silently wishing it were something else. It’s best to make sure she’s happy with it before you spend thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars.

If you just HAVE to surprise her with it, let the timing be the surprise, not the ring itself.

THE Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Among the many things to consider when choosing an engagement ring:

  • Engagement Ring Styles
  • Custom Engagement Rings
  • Design Your Own Engagement Ring
  • Engagement Ring Prices
  • Engagement Ring Financing
  • Engagement Ring Insurance
  • Diamond Prices
  • How to Buy Diamonds
  • Buying Loose Diamonds
  • Diamond Quality
  • Diamond Alternatives
  • Gemstone Engagement Rings






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